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If you are an Emergency Response Manager for: First Nations, Military, or a Municipality, you may be eligible to receive our Patented system

Thanks to our Amazing Federal Testing partners, you can apply to receive multiple Trident systems for fire and flood relief.

After years of seeing firsthand how Forest fires devastate our communities and land, we decided there has to be a better way to deal with them!  You can’t travel 5 Km without running into a large body of water throughout Canada, so why not utilize this standing water to fight the fires! We then spent the next 4 years developing a new type of water pump

What  is  a  Trident  Pump?

Thanks to our Patented design, our pump always uses 100% of the available power at full engine RPM and adjusts itself to meet a particular flow or head constraint regardless of the suction or piping configuration; basically, we have one pump that changes to produce different pump curves based on what you want!

Our pump drive has the ability to apply up to 1313 lb. ft. of torque at the impeller, while weighing in at between 550 lbs and 650 lbs. depending on options. This allows us to move water great distances at higher pressures than most conventional pumps currently on the market.  What this means is, our pumps can perform as well as pumps that weigh over 10,000 lbs and because they are so light and versatile, they can be transported anywhere!

What  can  they  be  used  for?

Using our new pump technology, we will now have the ability to harvest remote standing water from the ground, to protect structures from WildLand Urban Interface fires. A few potential uses include:


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